For over 30 years, Omni has worked with the healthcare industry to provide informational and technical documents, videos, and eLearning courseware in a variety of languages for many cultures around the globe, including the domestic US market.

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Healthcare Translations

As the number of people with limited English comprehension skills grows in the U.S., so does the challenge of effectively communicating medical information to them. Omni’s network of highly-experienced healthcare translators help provide the best possible and most accurate medical translations, while protecting doctors and healthcare institutions from potential liabilities.

Omni’s Healthcare Translation Capabilities

  • Medical marketing brochures
  • Forms
  • Operation and installation manuals for medical equipment
  • Screening and early diagnosis videos and documents
  • The Omni team is always great to work with. Translations are typically spot-on for our needs, even for obscure or technical items.
    Compass Anesthesia Services Group