e – Learning Sample

To maintain their high-level of employee integrity globally, Allegion needed to produce foreign language versions of an ethics course into Spanish, French, Italian, German, Turkish, and Chinese. Because of their years of experience localizing eLearning content, Omni was selected as the vendor of choice to turnkey this project.

By utilizing in-country professional linguists experienced in the area of ethical training, Omni was able to translate content that delivered Allegion’s message clearly and accurately. Omni’s goal is to always deliver foreign language courseware that doesn’t appear translated and we accomplished this by ensuring Allegion’s content was adapted culturally in both content and style. This allows the end users to focus on learning rather than being distracted by mistranslations or culturally inaccurate references.

Omni further enhanced the localization process by utilizing their in-house team to create localized graphics, produce the foreign language audio, engineer and assemble the course structure, test and debug, and create ready-to-deploy files. Because all of the post-translation integration was completed internally, Omni was able to deliver content that was consistent in style, look, feel, and message.

With more than 25 brands sold in over 120 countries, Allegion is a world-leader in security solutions for homes and businesses. With such a global presence, ensuring their employees are abreast of corporate policies and regulations is a challenging task, especially when numerous languages are involved.