Customer Service

You are our only client.

Building long term relationships has been one of Omni’s goals for over 40 years and our excellent client retention history is proof of our success. 80% of our clients have allowed Omni to be their preferred language service provider for 10 years or longer. We pride ourselves on the ability to keep our customers long after the first project is delivered.

Communicating with an experienced, single point-of-contact from start to finish is essential in maintaining relationships. Why is that important? Simply because you should not have to reinvent the wheel every time. The effort you put into explaining your processes, needs, strategies, etc., should only have to be explained once! It’s the responsibility of your contact to cultivate that information and use it every time you work together.

We enhance our customer service process by regularly surveying customers to address key aspects of the process, including questions related to how you were treated. Striving to receive only positive feedback is our goal. And if our clients feel our service is lacking in any aspect, it becomes an absolute priority to not only let you know you’ve been heard but to take the steps to assure it doesn’t happen again.

Omni understands that time is of the essence so that’s why we address every single request with promptness and professionalism. The way Omni’s team communicates with its clients is not only a reflection of who we are or what we offer, but a reflection on how we deliver our services. Responding to pricing requests expeditiously lets you know we are making you a priority and your project will be handled as such. Finding solutions quickly allows you to have confidence in our process. Understanding and addressing your needs at the beginning allows you to rest easy. And proper follow-up allows us to make sure we’re solving your problems and addressing your needs. When you become our client, you’re treated as our only client.

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“I always get a superb service as if my contact owns the company himself and has a vested interest in the happiness and satisfaction of his clients.”