Total Process Management

Successful foreign language communication goes far beyond translation alone. Many factors influence the impact of your final product. Regional dialect, consistency in layout and design, narrator’s accent, text hyphenation and expansion, and culture and customs are all important components of the end product. If you are using more than one translation agency for your foreign language material, these factors are often overlooked. The result is usually embarrassing for you and your company in front of your foreign audience.

When you choose Omni for translation services, you will work with only one person, regardless of the scope of your project. A dedicated single point of contact serves as the interface between you and our production teams to ensure the entire project is being managed according to your specifications and requirements. And you will have the same contact for as long as you are an Omni client.

Communicating with an experienced, single point of contact from start to finish goes a long way in building a better relationship. The effort you put into explaining your processes, needs, strategies, etc., should only have to be explained once, and it’s the responsibility of your contact to cultivate that information and use it every time you work with Omni as your translation agency.

The way our team communicates with clients is not only a reflection of who we are or what we offer, but a reflection on how we deliver our services. Responding to pricing requests expeditiously lets you know we are making you a priority – and your project will be handled with the same level of importance. Finding solutions quickly allows you to have confidence in our process. Understanding and addressing your needs at the beginning allows you to rest easy. And making sure the proper follow-up is conducted allows us to make sure we’re solving problems and addressing your needs. When you become our client, you’re treated as our only client.

Whether your translation project involves print, web, eLearning, or audio/video, all production is completed in-house and managed by your single point of contact. Our approach allows us to maintain full control of your project and deliver it on time and within budget. From start to finish, we guarantee Total Process Management.

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“I just want say your company is outstanding. Thank you for a job well done.”