With nearly four decades of best practices working in engineering, energy, training, software, and manufacturing, Omni’s clients enjoy the confidence and security that their translations are completed quickly and accurately. We are a single source for multilingual communications solutions, utilizing translators with subject matter expertise to effectively and efficiently handle the specialized language translations associated with your industry. Our work speaks for itself!



Multinational companies across the globe spend millions each year to train their international workforce, recognizing that creating effective and thorough foreign language versions of their learning content goes far beyond translation alone. This is why, since 1978, industry-leading companies have entrusted Omni to be their language provider to localize their training material.

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Energy Translation Services


As a Houston-based translation provider, we are located in the heart of the US oil and gas/energy industry. For over 40 years, we have supported the highly-technical and demanding environment of the energy sector. Omni is your single-source solution offering comprehensive translation services for the wide variety of industry-specific material.

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Engineering and Construction Translations

Engineering & Construction

Created in 1980 by an engineer for the specific translation needs of an engineering company, Omni continues to rely on the in-depth technical knowledge of translators who are native speakers and subject matter experts to meet the very specific needs of its Engineering and Construction clients. We provide technical translations that say what you mean.

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Manufacturing Translation Services


For manufacturing firms in a variety of industries worldwide, Omni provides translation services for installation instructions, manuals, labels, marketing collateral, product packaging, MSDS, software, and more.

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Marketing & Advertising Translations

Marketing & Advertising

You’ve put a great deal of effort and energy into creating your English marketing message and advertising campaign. Simply translating the copy without understanding your new target audience is a sure way to fail.

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Healthcare Translation Services


For over 40 years, Omni has worked with the healthcare industry to provide informational and technical documents, videos, and eLearning courseware in a variety of languages for many cultures around the globe, including the domestic US market.

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Legal Translation Services


For attorneys and law firms around the world, Omni provides legal translations that are accurate, clear, and critical to resolving their clients’ legal matters.

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Financial Translations Services


From confidentiality to regulatory challenges, Omni ensures its translations help financial service firms meet complex requirements and high standards to communicate with employees, shareholders, and clients.

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