Training Sample

Recently, a major international Houston-based drilling and oilfield services company approached Omni to localize its existing web-based training courseware into Latin American Spanish. The training for various rig positions, from Roustabout to Toolpusher, covers a total seat time of over 35 hours. Approximately 17,800 Flash files, 25,200 audio files, and 400 XML files needed to be localized, recorded, and processed to produce an eLearning library useable by Spanish speaking employees.

This complex project with all of its related media encompassed a wide breadth of Omni’s services and capabilities: audio production, graphics localization, translation memories, command line processes and macro development, as well as quality assurance and testing. Leveraging its experience and capabilities in training localization, Omni was able to provide the ready-to-deploy project at a lower price and in a shorter time frame than its competitors.

Although the mechanics of the project were quite involved, Omni made it transparent to its client. All translations were submitted for review in Microsoft Word, regardless of their final use (Flash, graphics, audio, or XML). Omni’s experience in training has shown that involving the end users at the translation stage increases the effectiveness of the training by giving them a sense of ownership they would not have otherwise.

Omni’s client provides innovative drilling technology and equipment, directional drilling and comprehensive oilfield services in most of the significant oil and gas markets in the world. They have realized the benefits in partnering with Omni to prepare its non-English speaking workforce with the training it needs to achieve excellent safety records.