eLearning Localisation Services and Translation Companies

Many companies are hesitant to take on the task of localizing their eLearning translation services or online training content because of the complexities and costs involved. It’s more than just translation and therefore requires more than just elearning translation companies.

As organizations grow, so do their needs to effectively train and educate their expanding workforce. Many companies rely on eLearning to bring their employees up to speed and required standards. From conveying the rights and wrongs of office procedures to safety training, eLearning translation service has become one of the most effective methods of training.

The professionals at Omni have been localizing computer-based training and eLearning content since its inception. Reducing costs and expediting deployment, while delivering high-quality, professional content in just about any language, have put Omni at the forefront of eLearning localization services in Houston. We continue to serve companies operating in the global market by helping them produce enterprise-wide educational materials for their employees and customers.

Our engineering expertise along with our in-house A/V studio and graphic production team allow us to turnkey almost any eLearning material and deliver a fully-executable localized version –/ eLearning localization service – including engineering, animation, GUI, graphics, help documents, voice-over, compiling, testing, QA, and debugging.

We work with all major file formats, learning platforms, and proprietary learning management systems, including:

Anglo American/De Beers

“Was speaking to Xyleme and was telling them how amazing you are at translating their content.”