Multilingual Desktop Publishing Services (DTP)

You’ve invested a lot of time and energy in perfecting the look and feel of your English material. Wouldn’t you expect your translation provider to do the same? An experienced language service provider knows expert communication doesn’t end with just translation.

Fonts. Hyphenation. Text expansion. Page size. Application. Platform. These are just a few of the challenging elements that come into play when localizing printed collateral. Because most professional translators are skilled at translation alone, Omni doesn’t entrust them with desktop publishing; a professional graphic artist should do the job. With a thorough knowledge of desktop publishing and the print process, our experienced graphics team provides multilingual desktop publishing services in the variables of multilingual design and can create complex layouts in virtually any language.

We can combine translated text with localized images and colors to reflect the culture of your target audience. And because we appreciate the detail that went into creating your original piece, our designers put forth the same effort adhering to your corporate standards and branding requirements, maintaining the quality of your material regardless of where it will be used.

Omni has also developed xFer, a unique solution in which translation and layout are as automated and seamless as possible:

  • Export copy from the native application (such as InDesign)
  • Translate and verify (including client review) in corporate-friendly MS Word
  • Import approved copy back into the native application
  • Easily maintain design integrity of the source document

By using xFer, we minimize the potential for human error, thus drastically reducing the time and money spent on each project, while maintaining design consistency between the original and localized materials – regardless of language, application, or platform.

Omni Makes Multilingual Desktop Publishing Easy – Multilingual DTP Services

We have developed the following steps to streamline multilingual desktop publishing (DTP) services and ensure the quality of your final product:

  • Accept native files created with any major Mac or Windows application
  • Produce localized layouts that match your original design
  • Adhere to your company’s design and graphic standards
  • Deliver print-ready files
  • Send directly to your printer for fulfillment

We work with all major Mac and PC layout applications, including:

  • InDesign
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • PowerPoint
  • FrameMaker
  • Interleaf
  • Publisher
  • CorelDraw
  • QuarkXpress
  • PageMaker

MD Anderson Cancer Center

“The brochure looks fantastic! This is the first time we have an Arabic document that actually looks like the real thing.”